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Nicholas Bradley-Qalilawa

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The Sports Model Project Creed

SMP Values 

It's time, live your spirit, be your vision.

1: Be the hardest worker in the room:  

I will work harder than every other person who is in any room with me.

I recognise that often the hardest work is knowing when to rest or be playful.

2: I promise to fail: 

Quickly, often, hard, forward and most importantly with good grace.

Another word for that is practice. 

Every attempt is practice for the next one. Every single rep, set, meditation, show, interview, trial and error makes me better. 

I have a practice mindset.

I will not get high or low on results.
I will measure my success on how well I follow my process or do the things that I actually want to do in this life.

Another word for doing the things you want in this life is discipline. 

Even then, every time I don’t quite live up to my standard is just another practice at me developing discipline.

This is the route to mastery.

3: Radical responsibility

I am wholly responsible for my feelings, for my actions, my words and the thoughts I choose to keep.

 I am responsible for observing those feelings, thoughts, words and actions

4: Radical self-acceptance

I am working to accept absolutely everything about my life and be aware of what is going on in my mind or body in any moment.

This is an inner process of accepting my actual, present moment experience and
does not include putting up with harmful behaviour from others or most importantly myself.

5: Radical resourcefulness: I can overcome my challenges!

I look to solve my challenges before I ask for help.
I ask for help as soon as I need it

If I don’t have them already I can develop the resources to overcome my challenges.

It is my responsibility to find the answer to my challenges or the tools I need to overcome them.

I will communicate my challenges clearly while simultaneously solving them myself.

I will ask for the maximum amount of help I need to overcome these challenges.

6: Radical self-growth: I am committed to my ongoing and never ending growth.

I am committed to fully experiencing my feelings. Especially the painful ones

Once experienced I am fully capable of letting these feelings go. 

I am committed to observing my thoughts, words and actions and my reactions to them without judgment or needing to “do” anything.

I am wholeheartedly determined to work on them and to love the person I am right now in this moment.

7: Radical community

I am committed to the ongoing growth of the other women in The Sports Model Project and I will help them understand, embody and live out the principles of The Sports Model Project.

I will go out and live these principles in my family, work, gym, friend and social environment and I am committed to helping people live these principles out there too.

8: Radical leadership: I am a bright shining light!

As I let my light shine brighter I give space for others to do the same.
As I learn I begin to teach.

I will lead by doing.
I will tell by showing.
I will talk by listening.  
I will make things easy by working hard.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-compassion.

I will hold myself to the highest standard of self-love.

I am inspiring others to do the same.